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Helping Parents Heal | Elizabeth Boisson

• 66 min

Do you feel like you've connected with your loved one who has transitioned? Elizabeth Boisson is a mum who had the incredible experience of her son hugging her from across the other side of the world just as he transitioned. And she is not alone in her experience. She formed a support group with others who had similar experiences which then led to co-founding the world-wide organisation, Helping Parents Heal - whose mission is to help parents find happiness and connect them with their deceased children. With sixteen other parents she joined forces with Craig McMahon to share their stories in the Netflix series Life to Afterlife: Mom can you hear me. Today Elizabeth talks about her incredible story PLUS the release of the book Life to Afterlife: Helping Parents Heal, which takes the Netflix series a step further by sharing the amazing experiences these same parents have had with their kids and how they have moved forward and healed after the passing of their child. Yes. You CAN heal after losing a child. You don’t want to miss: The wonderful resources available on the Helping Parents Heal website True-life examples of how or kids are connecting with us The 'Why' behind Life to Afterlife: Helping Parents Heal Guidance around choosing a medium that's right for you How you can be a part of the August 2022 HPH Conference PLUS, the Top 10 Ways to Helping Yourself Heal After Losing a Child!    **Note - this episode mentions transition by suicide. Please seek support and contact your local support services if you feel affected by anything mentioned in this episode that affects your wellbeing.   Links and resources: Elizabeth's links Life to Afterlife - Helping Parents Heal, The book: Soul Shift Finding Where the Dead Go: Movie - Life to Afterlife: Mom can you hear me? Website: Facebook: IG: YouTube: Twitter:   Quote: "The thing that sets us apart from other groups is that we truly believe that we can heal from the transition of a child." ~ Elizabeth Boisson   Follow me on: Email:  Instagram: Facebook: Website: YouTube:   Loved this episode? Leave me a review and rating 💟               And heartfelt Thanks to Gabe Dovaston for the music!  

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