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81. Empower-mE | Victoria Rader

• 57 min

Just how do you recover from devastating events and go on to choose a response that will give your life growth and freedom? Well,you spend the next hour with my guest today, Victoria Rader, who shares some incredible insights of how we can look at grief in such a way that you can't help but view it differently going forward.   Victoria did a PhD in Metaphysics to understand better how we create our daily reality. She is also certified in many energy healing modalities, success coaching approaches, plus she is the founder of the Empower-mE app, a component of which will walk you through 90 aspects of grief. This transformational speaker empowers coaches, entrepreneurs, and people that seek personal development to grow in all areas of their life so that they have more PEACE, PURPOSE, and PROSPERITY.   As a four times bestselling author, Victoria is globally recognized along with Brene Brown, Richard Branson, and others for creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, and contribution to sustainability and mental health projects with CREA GLOBAL AWARD by Brainz Magazine.   Amidst all these achievements she is no stranger to grief which she has known from a young age and continues to witness through her Ukranian heritage.     In this episode, Victoria shares the following: How to transform feeling powerless to reclaiming your power How her business, YU2Shine, was created out of darkness How the shift you need lies in surrender Looking at death using the analogy of a light bulb! Going from scared to Sacred How understanding and having faith can get us through the toughest of times 3 very practical, yet spiritual principles that have gotten Victoria to where she is in her life (this is POWERFUL!) ... and so much more!   Quote: "There is this need to force it or to control it. And it's not what the shift is. The shift, ironically, lies in surrender." ~ Victoria Rader     Resources:   Victoria's links: Empower-mE App: search Empower-mE in the Apple or Google stores Website: Facebook: IG: Listen NOW to your FREE meditation: www.ChooseSacred.mE Want to support those in the Ukraine? All money raised goes to rehabilitate soldiers, provide a place for children, orphans and so on:   Follow me on: Email:  Instagram: Facebook: Website: YouTube:   Loved this episode? Leave me a review and rating 💟               And heartfelt Thanks to Gabe Dovaston for the music!  

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