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79. Out of Love | Lynn Abaté-Johnson

• 61 min

There are over one third of people caregiving in some capacity. Your initial response would probably be 'let's make this about the person who needs the care'. However, that can only last for so long before you realise your own self-care is being compromised or, worse still, non-existent. So how do you do this very important, often selfless job, adjust to what is happening with your loved one, and still be able to keep on track with your own life? You take a listen to my guest in this episode.   Lynn Abaté-Johnson believes caregivers are worthy of the same love, care, and attention they give their loved ones, which means they need the emotional and logistical support to help them thrive. Unfortunately, it takes copious hours of research to find the resources caregivers need, which leaves them feeling drained, frustrated, and overwhelmed. In this episode, we discuss her book, 'Out of Love: a daughter's journey with her mum to the end', which provides readers with reassurance, comfort, and practical systems and tools to help caregivers provide care easier and discover how to blossom through their journey. Our conversation is full of honesty, openness and heart.   In this episode, we share: Ways to divy up caregiving between family members Recognising that even if you are strong, capable, and accomplished you can suffer anxiety, stress or other symptoms in this new role How to discern what it is you really need versus using your old addictions to fulfill it Practising the beingness of being human Tips for juggling caregiving with a fulltime job Going from “What am I going to do without my mom?” to “I know I can thrive after she’s gone–just as she would want.” Quote: "Nobody felt I was distracted except for me, and so what happened was my nervous system took a big hit and the trauma just lived in me to where I started to pack on more weight on physically on my body." ~ Lynn Abaté-Johnson   Resources: Lynn's links: To get your FREE chapter of Out of Love: To purchase Out of Love: A Daughter's Journey with her Mum to the End: Online community BY and FOR family caregivers: Caregiver Bingo IG post: Create an online blog via   Website: Facebook:  Facebook page: Twitter: IG:  YouTube:   PLUS check out the wonderful resources Lynn has for caregivers on her website!   Follow me on: Email:  Instagram: Facebook: Website: YouTube:   Loved this episode? Leave me a review and rating 💟               And heartfelt Thanks to Gabe Dovaston for the music!

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