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106. Wolfie's WISH for YOU! |Erica Messer

• 49 min

Is your pet your lifeline? Your absolute best friend, who provides you with unconditional love no matter what life is throwing at you? Perhaps you've even lost your treasured companion and are grieving and suffering in silence because it feels like nobody understands the impact their death is having on you...   Then listen up! I have a guest today who is going to shed some beautiful light on honouring this important and valued pet, or pets, in your life. Erica Messer uses social media to share the important message that your pet matters - and being able to grieve them matters even more. Her website is a treasure trove of resources - videos, blogs, Pet Counselors, book recommendations, pet loss gifts including the Wolfie's Wish collection. Plus, she hosts a support group especially for pet lovers, where you can join like-minded souls in the journey of grieving. We have a fabulous conversation about all this and more today.   Erica's Bio After the sudden passing of her cat, Wolfgang, Erica couldn’t find a simple product to help her cope so she created her own: Pet Loss Grieving Cards. Thus, her company Wolfie’s Wish was born. Grieving Cards have since won “Best New Product” at the Superzoo tradeshow.     In this episode, Erica shares: [00:02:25] On performing pop and rock covers on her harp [00:04:38] The role Wolfie played [00:06:46] Why it is okay to lose your sh*t when they die [00:09:28] How Erica knew she was really being affectedd by Wolfie's passing [00:14:00] Karen Anderson & The Amazing Afterlife of Animals [00:15:33] Confronting beliefs [00:18:01] What really helped [00:21:02] Developing Wolfie's Wish [00:25:32] Trust -and amking a sustainable living [00:27:52] What else Erica offers [00:32:53] Shout out to mom [00:33:30] Self-care practices to consider [00:38:08] How has life changed [00:41:40] Even if you don't understand pet loss... [00:46:16] How to contact and final questions     Quote: "And she's oh, Wolfie's Wish. And I said, what's that? And she said it's his wish is for all of us to heal." ~ Erica Messer     Resources:   Erica's links: Website: Email:       IG:     Follow me on: Email:  Instagram: Facebook: Website: YouTube:   Loved this episode? Leave me a review and rating 💟               And heartfelt Thanks to Gabe Dovaston for the music!  

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