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90. Courageous Grief | Clint Hatton

• 68 min

Seriously, how much does one person have to endure over a lifetime? It seems that some people get more than their fair share of BIG life-changing challenges.   My  guest today, Clint  Hatton is one such person. At 12 years old he lived with his mum having suicidal ideation. He was an addict, was divorced by his late 20's, tragically lost a 17 year old son in a plane crash, experienced multiple close calls with the births of his children - yet, has used all of this to empower himself and his family to be resilient and thrive again no matter what life throws at them!   It doesn't end there though, Clint is on a mission to develop courageous people to live inspired lives. He describes himself as a Transformational Speaker & Coach, Author and a deliriously happily married man of 20 years to his bride Amárillys, and a proud dad of three boys. Clint helps others unclutter their thoughts, clarify priorities, and create actionable plans that empower them to become their best version! In 2017 he was awarded the Distinguished Leadership Award as a Global Influencer by iChange Nations and is the author of the book Big Bold Brave - How to Live Courageously in a Risky World.     Clint shares:   [00:04:09] The most precious memory[of Gabriel].   [00:08:43] I like Journey is because I feel like that better expresses what our lives are really like.                     Cuz it's just kinda one flowing, ongoing movement, right?   [00:10:35]  So it was really just me and my mom to, you know, kind of functioning together. And                         needless to say, at 11 or 12, I didn't know how to handle that or really                     truly help her   [00:12:15]  So what began to change for me, cuz you know, I, by then I went through the                     divorce that you described and, you know, just a messy life...   [00:17:05]  And, you know, I believe I was going through some healing from my past                      and from my divorce and we did not have children with my, with my first wife. And I                      really believed that I was gonna have that opportunity.   [00:31:10]  I think one thing I wanna frame first, because I do think it's really important, and to                      your, to your point, you know, our journey as a family, we had some ups and downs                      as a family and we had some challenges.   [00:32:37]  ...first chapter's called The Worst Nightmare, cuz that's what it is, right?   [00:35:53]  I mean, he was just this adventurous soul, right? So he attacked life... the only way                       that we can honor him is to honor the way he lived by us doing the same   [00:38:22]   they're afraid to ask the other person how they're doing and it, and sometimes it's                       because they're afraid they're gonna trigger the other person.   [00:41:04]  fear is a very real thing that everybody deals with, right?   [00:42:04]   The opposite of love is fear. Fear never co-mingles with love   [00:47:35]  one of the chapters in my book is actually called Perfectly Imperfect. And, I'm                      bringing that up because I think that's a big part of it   [00:50:07]  That's what you need to tell yourself. Those who are listening to me, whatever                      you've been through, whatever tried to knock you down, whatever tried to take you                      out, you're still here. So write down the things that you've overcome...   Plus so much more!     Quote: "We always have two choices in life as to how we respond to loss...only one serves us and those in our world."~ Clint Hatton     Resources:   Clint'

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