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If I have to go on living | Helen

• 39 min

Thank you for being so patient!   Season 4 is not quite ready so I thought I would provide this bonus episode to fill the gap.   If you have to go on living after a major grief event (which you do, that's something we don't get much of a choice about) how then do you want your life to look like going forward? Asking myself this question has provided me with endless insights and healing over the past few years and again, recently. In this bonus episode I share a few of these insights, particularly around the role and impact trauma has in your grief. Into this I have woven some key needs which I have learned from grief expert, David Kessler, and have applied to my own understanding of my grief experience. These have had a huge impact on me so I am hoping you will find some real value from this episode also 💟

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