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From Trauma to Fairy Tale | Jenna Ashlyn

• 57 min

From Trauma to Fairy Tale - this is an incredible interview of overcoming years of heartbreak and abuse to finding and living a life of dreams - literally! Jenna Ashlyn was a young widow who was pressured into a relationship that turned abusive and became a survivor. She shares her story of survival to encourage other survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and mental health issues, that you can have a life after trauma. A trained advocate, Jenna is currently a volunteer for Southern Ohio’s Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program, where she provides support and services to victims of abuse. She loves animals and spends her extra time being a mom and cuddling with her cocker spaniel. She is also an author - and in this episode, we are going to chat about two books she has authored - Within the Gray, and Sheila's Men - both of which can serve as tools in the journey of trauma recovery and more importantly, they let you know you are not alone, not crazy, and that you can find your purpose and that you can find love again.   You don’t want to miss: Of how Jenna wrote her first book (its not what you would ever imagine! ) Red flags to look out for in relationships How dreams can come true PLUS, how Within the Gray & Sheila's Men may be the resource you need   **If you find yourself being triggered by this episode - please make sure that you have support - that you reach out to friends, a support group, or even google support services local to where you live, if you don't have anyone to hand**    Links and resources: Access your FREE resources HERE  My website: Follow me on Instagram: @healing2bu_ Facebook: TheBeautifulSideofGrief Email me: For more about me and what I do Check out my website   Jenna's links Sheila's Men- Within the Gray- Email: Facebook: IG: Twitter:   Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on any of my weekly interviews and resources. And, if you enjoyed this episode, please leave me a rating and a review? Thanks! Thanks, Gabe Dovaston for the great music!   Quote: "It was one of the darkest times in my life. And I was afraid to go to therapy because I was pretty sure that they were going to lock me up." ~ Jenna Ashlyn     Do you need help to shift your heartache, grief, guilt, anger, anxiety, dread, or despair? I help people all over the world shift negative energies that are holding them back from being able to live a happy, fulfilling life. I became certified in this field of energy healing because it changed my life in ways I could never imagine after I lost my beautiful Tahl. And I am no different from you. So if you would like to know more let's connect over a FREE 15-30 minute introductory chat to discover how it could help you 💜   I look forward to connecting with you!   Please SHARE if you know of anyone who can benefit from having some HOPE in their life today 💜💜

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