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94. I'll See You in Your Dreams Tonight | Katie Cosgrove

• 51 min

Are you looking to know how you can talk about your loved one? Or how to have healthy conversations about your loved one? Or maybe you want to understand what your loved one coming to you in your dreams signifies...   My guest today, Katie Cosgrove is going to help you out with that and so much more. Katie is a beautiful, compassionate soul whose dad died when she was 15, after an 18-month illness. She had no one to talk about him to in her social circle. Then one night, years later, he came to her in a dream that changed her entire life.   This experience led Katie to founding her website, Grief is Good, writing her book I'll See You in Your Dreams Tonight - a heartwarming story that helps children process grief in a healthy way, doing a wonderful job as a Grief Doula in end-of-life care, and becoming a Trauma Informed Care Specialist.   Let yourself be immersed in this beautiful soul and all that she is doing!   Katie's Bio Katie Cosgrove is a Certified Trauma Support Specialist and once-grieving child. Growing up with death as a taboo subject, Cosgrove made it her mission to start talking about her grief publicly and encouraging others to do the same. In 2023, she founded Grief Is Good, a platform to discuss death and dying openly and honestly. She is also in the process of becoming an end-of-life doula.   Cosgrove currently works for a leading publishing company as a Project Director and cares for dogs with behavioral issues. In her advocacy for healthier conversations about grief in her life and career, Cosgrove seeks to bring her values of empathy, care and compassion to everything she does.    In this episode, Katie shares the following: [00:01:16] Being a dog lover and dog sitting [00:04:34] Losing her dad at 15 [00:05:17] Depression and the connection of not talking about dad [00:07:04] Grief dream [00:09:07] Talking to your loved ones and healthy grieving [00:12:51] Talking to children about grief [00:14:57] Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs [00:16:15] Not having friends to speak to about grief [00:19:50] Making new memories and traditions [00:21:57] How Here to Eternity changed her life [00:25:11] Living a good life with grief [00:30:11] What a trauma-informed specialist is [00:33:52] Role of a Death Doula [00:37:06] What I'll See You in Your Dreams Tonight is about [00:46:28] How you can have a grief dream   ... and so much more!   Quote: "...focusing on yourself is dealing with your own trauma first and your own biases, because you can't hold space from somebody if you're triggered or if you're dealing with some feelings." ~ Katie Cosgrove     Resources:   Katie's links: Website: IG: TikTok: Book:   Follow me on: Email:  Instagram: Facebook: Website: YouTube:   Loved this episode? Leave me a review and rating 💟               And heartfelt Thanks to Gabe Dovaston for the music!

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