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98. Remembering Who You Love | Paul Zolman

• 58 min

Like me, you have probably grown up knowing about the 5 types of love language and may even know yours (mine is physical touch!). Growing up in a home devoid of love, full of anger and several failed relationships, it is surprising to find my guest, Paul Zolman's, life focused around love and the role of love.   Through pivotal life experiences, including his mum having 3 children die, the loss of both parents over the last several years plus a brother last year, Paul came across Gary Chapman's Love Languages and began to apply them to his life. What resulted was, rather than solely identifying your own love language or your partner's, Paul developed a way to incorporate all the love languages into everyday life. He also shares new way to use the love languages that can help you remember what you loved about that person more than feel sad for yourself that they are gone. It's simple, yet super effective to create that loving mindset from grief. A mindset that can change literally within 30 days!   Paul's Bio Paul Zolman has created a new way to demonstrate the principles of the love languages. It's a profound way to learn all five love languages to give them away. By giving them away, your vision will improve to the point that you can see them coming your way and respond appropriately. The system is so easy that even young children can be trained in this love giving system. Spoiler alert: it's a game where everyone wins.   In this episode, Paul shares: [00:01:18] His generational background [00:02:05] Grandfather giving away his children [00:04:44] Breaking generational patterns [00:06:54] Residual anger [00:08:10] The event that began the turning point [00:13:04] Mum losing 3 children under the age of two [00:14:47] Losing his brother [00:16:51] Finding the Love Languages [00:22:10] Defining the 5 languages [00:25:37] A different way of looking at the languages [00:30:19] Grief and giving to others [00:32:53] The best sunsets have clouds [00:35:16] Overcoming grief with gratitude [00:37:29] What my relationships look like now [00:41:58] If it's out of your wheelhouse you don't have control over it [00:42:23] Using the love languages to make a difference in schools [00:45:33] Creating the daily habit of love [00:48:21] No dice? Improvise ... and so much more!   Quote: "it took me six months of doing this... before I realized that the very best sunrises and the very best sunsets all have clouds." ~ Paul Zolman     Resources:   Paul's links: Website: LinkedIn: IG: Twitter:     Follow me on: Email:  Instagram: Facebook: Website: YouTube:   Loved this episode? Leave me a review and rating 💟               And heartfelt Thanks to Gabe Dovaston for the music!

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