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88. Are you an Empath? | Jennifer Moore

• 69 min

Are you a hot emotional mess?   You know when you feel EVERYTHING - your brain goes into overdrive, and when you feel pain it's unnaturally intense, and the struggles you face seem to be on another level compared to others.   Well I've got a guest today who I hope is going to help you make sense of all this and let you know it doesn't have to be this way. Her name is Jennifer Moore and she is a multi award winning author with her book Empathic Mastery. She's also an energy healer, an intuitive guide/psychic, and a mentor and master trainer for EFT International. Her passion is working with highly sensitive empaths and helping them to move from absorbing the distress of the world to using their unique gifts to thrive.   No stranger to loss and grief, in May of 2020 Jen’s father died from CoVid after years of decline from dementia. This served as an invitation for her to redefine her priorities and boundaries. It has also allowed Jen to understand the interrelation between life and death and also to recognize that relationships do not necessarily end with someone’s passing.     In this episode, Jen shares the following:   [00:03:57] It was like people were speaking a completely, like a foreign language to me that I just didn't understand. And so all I could conclude from that was that there was something very wrong with me and that I was broken, that I needed to be better, that I needed to be a different person than I was.   [00:05:00] It has a tendency to exacerbate all of the anxiety and the depression and the things that were not helping me at all. But it also was it, it basically became sort of the agent of change   [00:05:27] So for that sugar really did what it was supposed to do because it wasn't working. It was, I, I had gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired   [00:10:14] The difference between somebody who's like intuitive or psychic or has just sort of gifts versus, and, and the ability to pick up on sort of paranormal information, extra sensory perception is that what I've noticed is that those of us who are empaths process information somatically mentally and emotionally as if it's our own.   [00:12:41] And what I believe is happening right now is that many of us are awakening to our empathic sensitivity because in order for us to survive as a species on this planet   [00:18:28] So in my personal experience, one of the sort of dead giveaways about being an empath or that you are an empath is that you are going through life...   [00:23:24] But most of us who are empaths grew up in environments where the feedback we got was, you are too sensitive   [00:27:20] First going to protection if we just start putting a bubble of light up around ourselves and trying to just protect ourselves. The problem is that we are often going to be kind of containing all the stuff we've already absorbed.   [00:35:45] But when we really make that connection to source to the divine till El Muno Bueno, we can ride through the journey and ride through the process and ride through the experience in a way that, like even the, you know, even the most heartbreaking experience   ... and so much more!   Quote: "Grief is not hard when I let myself feel it. Resistance to grief is hard." ~ Jennifer Moore     Resources:   Jen's links: Website: Facebook: IG: TikTok: Show: Http://       Follow me on: Instagram: Facebook: Website:   Loved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here:   And thanks, Gabe Dovaston for the great music!  

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