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IAP 314: From Tax Ledgers to Teaching Triumphs - Maria Teresa Quaranta is One Special Educator!

• 50 min

When Maria Teresa Quaranta left her tax accountant ledgers for lesson plans, she wasn't just changing careers; she was answering a calling. Her heart led her to the vibrant halls of the Robert F. Kennedy School in Manhattan, where she now brings the richness of Italian American culture to life using innovative teaching strategies tailored to students with unique learning needs.   Join us as we visit with Maria Teresa and her incredible students to explore her journey and her innovative approach to education that transcends traditional methods, embracing the ethos of heritage and humanity.  Fueled by her fervent desire to enrich the lives of children with severe disabilities, Maria Theresa shares the innovative new program that she created to bring the Italian American culture into a diverse classroom, creating a synergistic ecosystem of special education, where families, educators, and technology converge to craft a space that's less of a classroom and more of a familial haven.  It’s a classroom where every day is a discovery – not just for the students but for the educator as well! We’ll also explore the future of Italian American identity, and the crucial role of younger Italian Americans like Maria Theresa in sustaining and redefining this legacy. Discover Maria Teresa's unique approach to teaching tolerance and acceptance through cultural comparisons, and appreciate the groundbreaking educational methods that foster inclusivity and understanding in today's evolving learning environments. Maria Teresa's classroom is a testament to the power of patience, tolerance, and acceptance, celebrating the differences that make each student unique, yet her story isn't just about teaching; it's about how passion can spark a revolution in learning, and this episode is an intimate look at that transformation in action. Join us as we spotlight the profound influence that one dedicated educator can have on the lives of those with special needs, all against the backdrop of a proud Italian American narrative. And, if you or someone you love is an educator,  visit to bring Maria Theresa’s Italian Heritage curriculum into your classroom!  --- Support this podcast:

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