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IAP 322: How Many Italian Americans Does It Take To Bring You The Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas Movies?

• 63 min

Every autumn, as the air gets crisper and the final leaves begin to fall, millions of devotees wait on bated breath for the arrival of one of the most beloved traditions in the world… the Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas! And on this week’s episode, we’re sitting down with two Italian Americans who have dedicated their lives to bringing this marathon of merriment to this loyal audience year after year! Meet Candice DiLavore and Samantha DiPippo, two incredible Italian American execs at Hallmark Media who are weaving their devotion to family and tradition into these heartwarming films that have become an integral part of holiday traditions for so many. Unlock the secrets of Italian American traditions and the behind-the-scenes magic of Hallmark Christmas movies as we serve up a feast of laughter and storytelling in today's spirited conversation and reflect on the profound impact Hallmark movies have on viewers, serving as a source of comfort and connection in challenging times.  Prepare for a heartwarming journey as we explore ritual, romance, and the impact of classic films on our own cinematic creations. We also share a personal encounter that's ripe for transformation into a Hallmark Christmas movie plot, proving that our Italian American heritage is an endless well of inspiration! Plus, indulge in our dream of filming in the picturesque towns of “La Bella Italia”, where the storylines are as rich and inviting as the landscapes.  Finally, we leave you with an appeal to support the Notorious POB at his annual Feast of Our Lady of Sacro Monte coming up on May 16-18 in Clifton, NJ.  We’re hoping you will make a donation, or perhaps even come out and join us… where you may get the chance to meet a Paesana or two behind your favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies! Visit the link in our story and bio to download and listen now! --- Support this podcast:

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