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IAP 323: Better in Basilicata? Rediscovering Roots & Revitalizing Villages: Your Future Home in Latronico

• 61 min

In recent years, the phenomenon of “One Euro Homes” has spread across Italy, as rural villages across “il Bel Paese” struggle to curb the steady population decline that is endemic in a country with constant urban flight and one of the world’s lowest birth rates.  But as these cheap property schemes have become a dime-a-dozen, there is one town in the heart of Italy’s most overlooked region that has done things a little differently… and with incredible results! Join us as we journey to the charming town of Latronico.  In the southern region of Basilicata, this community of 4,000 inhabitants is located within the pristine Pollino National Park and surrounded by historic thermal baths and unspoiled nature.  We’ll check in with our old friends Vincenzo Castellano and Mariangela Tortorella, two of Latronico’s younger residents who are leading voices in the project called “La tua Casa a Latronico”… Your House in Latronico… a decade-old effort to redefine the concept of real estate in Latronico, and perhaps throughout the Italian regions. Venturing into the realities of Italian real estate, we shed light on the nuances of purchasing homes in this picturesque town. From the excitement of discovering the affordable charm of turnkey properties to the familiar comforts sought by American buyers (air conditioning and jumbo fridges), our dialogue traverses the cultural differences that shape our living spaces and the cultural shifts accompanying this revival.  Our guests share the emotional impact of seeing new life in once-dark homes, how new residents help longtime inhabitants appreciate their town with new eyes, and how local businesses adapt to cater to new American tastes. Embark on a journey through the heart of Italy and the soul of Italian American identity with our heartfelt exploration of Latronico, its transformation, and a project that’s about more than just selling houses; it's about the stories that unfold within them! --- Support this podcast:

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