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IAP 318: Sent Here on a Higher Authority: The 15-Year Struggle to Bring “Cabrini” to the Big Screen

• 56 min

As we enter into the Easter Season, join us for a poignant reflection on an extraordinary figure in the Italian American community… Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini, the first American saint. Listen in as we share how personal experiences intertwine with Mother Cabrini's remarkable legacy of compassion and service. With the recent spotlight on the long-awaited film "Cabrini," our special guests Monsignor Paul Bocchicchio and Gilda Bello, pivotal early supporters in bringing the story to the screen, offer a behind-the-scenes look at the nearly 15-year journey to honor Mother Cabrini's life on screen, and the challenges they overcame along the way. Discover the incredible narrative of Mother Cabrini's life and her impact that spans from New York City to New Orleans, marking her as a beacon of hope and dedication. We reminisce about the prayers at the Cabrini Shrine that sparked the creation of the film and recount fascinating encounters with cinematic icons.  Our conversation sheds light on the film's funding journey, revealing the blend of humor, faith, and determination that characterizes Mother Cabrini's mission and the powerful support from individuals like Eustace Wolfington and H.E. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio. Their personal connections to Mother Cabrini's work paint a picture of a legacy that continues to resonate in communities and parishes today. As we reflect on Easter, our discussion embraces the unique blend of Italian-American culture and faith, highlighting the enduring relevance of Mother Cabrini's story. We address the historical prejudices faced by Italian Americans, underscoring the muted recognition of Mother Cabrini's canonization and the significance of preserving our cultural and religious heritage. And as we send out our warmest Easter wishes, we celebrate the traditions that bind us, from the delectable Easter pies to the shared laughter with loved ones, and invite you to find inspiration in the power of saints like Mother Cabrini. So, come celebrate with us, and let's honor the spirit of community and faith that she embodied so profoundly. --- Support this podcast:

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