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IAP 317: Meatballs & Memories on Wooster Square: One Family’s Devotion to New Haven’s Little Italy

• 67 min

Explore the deep roots of the Italian community in New Haven, CT with our esteemed guests, Frank Stellato and “Uncle Frank” Carano as we explore the cultural and culinary importance of the St. Andrew of Amalfi Society and the indelible mark of Italian migration on New Haven’s history.  Savor the stories of reconnecting with family history and traditional recipes, including a prize-winning family meatball that you can try for yourself next time you are in New Haven’s Italian Enclave!  Listen in as “Uncle Frank” Carano shares his experiences capturing the history of the Wooster Square Neighborhood as a columnist at the New Haven Register, creating a culinary archive in his 35,000+ member “Wooster Square Cooks” Facebook cooking group, and his efforts to preserve the history of Italian immigrants through the Worcester Square Italian Immigrant History Association. The episode culminates with a focus on the significance of preserving Italian American traditions and oral histories. We unveil some plans for our upcoming store in Manhattan’s Little Italy including an innovative oral history booth, aiming to capture and safeguard our community's narratives. As we share anecdotes about local food legends and family recipes, we celebrate Uncle Frank's literary and culinary contributions, inviting listeners to partake in a communal feast that honors our Italian American roots. Tune in and be inspired to keep the flame of cultural heritage burning for generations to come. --- Support this podcast:

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