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IAP 321: “The Struggle For Sicilian Independence” with Dr. Gaetano Cipolla

• 66 min

We’re exploring one of the lesser-known chapters of Italy’s post-war history as we examine Sicily's bid for independence with our esteemed guest Dr. Gaetano Cipolla of Arba Sicula.  Join us as he shares insights from his brand new translation of the late Giuseppe Scianò's revelatory book, "The Struggle for Sicilian Independence." Our enlightening conversation peels back layers of history, exposing British intervention in Garibaldi's campaign and the effects of Italian unification on Sicilian culture. We reflect on the enduring spirit of the Sicilian people, their unique language, and cultural heritage, drawing parallels to contemporary independence movements across Europe. And, we’ll be diving into the linguistic labyrinth of the Sicilian language, as Dr. Cipolla dismantles misconceptions and conveys the richness of a tongue that's more than a mere dialect. We dissect the challenges of translating Sicilian for an American audience, striking a balance between cultural fidelity and comprehensibility. The episode also delves into the diversity among Sicilian dialects and the endeavor to create a standardized grammar that remains true to its multifaceted nature, celebrating Sicily's linguistic identity and diversity.   Concluding our cultural voyage, we ponder the future of Sicilian language and customs. Against the predictions of its fading, we find a vibrant cultural pride encouraging its preservation. We explore the shifting lexicon, the role of music, and social media's potential to ignite a cultural renaissance. Dr. Cipolla's dedication to safeguarding the Sicilian heritage is evident through his latest contributions, promising to be vital for those fascinated with Sicily's rich history and the unyielding spirit that has influenced the world. --- Support this podcast:

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