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IAP 316: Evviva San Giuseppe! The Aromas and Anecdotes of St. Joseph’s Day Weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana!

• 54 min

One of the most beloved Italian American holidays is here again, and we are back in New Orleans, LA, coming to you live and uncut from the center of the nation’s greatest St. Joseph’s Day celebrations. Join co-host John M. Viola, as he broadcasts directly from the vibrant heart of New Orleans, where the Italian American St. Joseph's Society's parade and feast ignite the city with cultural pride. Listen in as he sits down with dear friends and prominent figures in the Italian American community—Brendan Young, Tony Mangia, and Chef David Greco of Mike's Deli on Arthur Avenue— to share a lively discussion about the rich traditions of St. Joseph's Day, including the massive undertaking of preparing nearly a thousand pounds of Pasta con Sarde and the deep-seated importance of food in our heritage celebrations. We dive into the kitchen camaraderie that makes monumental cooking endeavors like this possible and illuminate the secrets behind the mouthwatering feasts that have come to symbolize our collective identity. We reminisced about the family-run businesses that form the backbone of our community, the resilience that has seen us through the toughest of times, and the cultural champions who've ensured that our legacy endures. Plus, we’ll explore the broader implications of our heritage celebrations, and how the significance of these gatherings extends beyond the feasting tables, shaping our perspectives on historical narratives and the ways we honor our forebears. Through the power of story and social media, we're not just preserving customs; we're inviting the world to join our pilgrimage, one that celebrates the grandeur of Italian-American culture and the spirited communities that keep it alive. So, tune in, enjoy the stories, and perhaps find a spark of inspiration to kindle your own cultural flames by joining the dozens of listeners already making the pilgrimage at next year’s St. Joseph’s Day Weekend! --- Support this podcast:

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