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IAP 325: It’s the Grand Opening at Red Sauce Studio!

• 66 min

Ciao Paesani and welcome to an exciting new era for the Italian American Podcast, because we are broadcasting from our brand new Red Sauce Studio in the heart of Little Italy, Manhattan. Join us as we celebrate this exciting new chapter with Pat, Rosella, John, and Dolores reuniting hours before the ribbon cutting ceremony that will officially open the new studio. We share our journey from makeshift setups to this beautiful new space, surrounded by the vibrant life of Little Italy. Our discussion kicks off with the joy of reuniting after time apart and the humorous evolution of our recording locations, from an office space, to a cardboard box, and even zoom land. Get ready for a heated and passionate debate over the beloved and sometimes controversial red sauce restaurants. We explore the intricacies of Italian American cuisine, from the heavy use of sauce and mozzarella to the frying methods and oil choices that define our favorite dishes. Amidst the lively banter, we also reveal our favorite and least favorite red sauce dishes, and share personal anecdotes that highlight the impact of ingredient quality on traditional recipes. As we transition from audio to video recordings, we reflect on the evolution and preservation of our Italian American culture. From cookbooks and culinary traditions to the significance of Little Italy and the impact of modern changes, we celebrate nearly a decade of the Italian American Podcast. Plus, enjoy our reflections on Little Italy's history, cultural significance, and the personal anecdotes that make this episode a heartfelt celebration of nearly a decade of the Italian American Podcast. Join us as we express our gratitude to our supportive community and look forward to many more conversations here at Red Sauce Studio! --- Support this podcast:

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