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IAP 320: Teaching, Traveling, and Transforming Lives!

• 60 min

Well, the ground beneath us may have shaken from New Jersey's surprising earthquake, but it's the stirring tales of passing along the Italian culture to future generations that truly rock our world!   That’s because, in this week’s episode, we’re joined by the delightful Marisa Fusaro, Italian teacher and creator of Stellina Travel, who shares her insights on the crucial role of education in preserving Italian-American language culture. As she regales us with tales from her vibrant classroom, we get a sense of the passion and dedication it takes to teach the Italian language to students from all ethnic backgrounds. But it's not just about language; it's about connecting with our history, our ancestors, and the sense of community that these traditions foster. Marissa's insights serve as a reminder of the invaluable role education plays in the tapestry of Italian-American heritage. Wrapping up with a heart-to-heart on the value of educational travel, we put the spotlight on the unforgettable impact of experiencing Italy firsthand. There's something magical about watching students come into their own as cultural ambassadors amidst the unfolding wonders of Bel Italia, and we’re discussing the necessity for investing in these opportunities, especially for those who might not otherwise have the chance to experience Italy on their own. From supporting Italian teachers and engaging with cultural organizations to sponsoring a student's voyage, we explore how each of us can contribute to this beautiful endeavor, ensuring the flame of Italian culture burns bright for generations to come. Join us for an episode that's as much about the joy of learning as it is about the love of Italian cookies and culture. --- Support this podcast:

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