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IAP 315: Filitalia International- Celebrating Italian Roots from Havana to the Heartland!

• 62 min

Join us as we unwrap the colorful tapestry of Italian culture with guests, Trisha Volpe and Saverio Nestico from Filitalia International. This forward-thinking organization, born in the heart of Philadelphia’s Italian American enclave stretches across the globe, with membership from Havana, Cuba to the Heartland of America!  Discover the origins and mission of Filitalia, its expansion to 27 chapters worldwide, and how it fosters values of humility, justice, and honesty in promoting the Italian language and culture. From historical migrations to the touching story of one Italian American woman finding love in a Pastry Shop, our conversation traverses the rich tapestry of Italian heritage and its enduring influence. Listen in as we reflect on the dynamic changes within Italian American communities, and discuss the complexities younger generations face when integrating into organizations steeped in tradition, and explore why Filitalia has become the go-to organization for younger Italians around the world seeking their role in uniting Italian-Americans and fostering cultural pride while combining heritage with professional pursuits.  It's a celebration of culture, connection, and the global reach of organizations like Filitalia that bind us all. --- Support this podcast:

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