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IAP 326: And so, our New Chapter Begins in Little Italy

• 52 min

Join us in our latest episode as we celebrate the Italian American community and culture from our new Red Sauce Studio in Little Italy, Manhattan. We continue to look towards the future and are excited to see what new adventures we will have with our brand new studio.  In this episode we give thanks to those who have helped us get to where we are today.  Although the store is not finished, Red Sauce Studio is up and running!  Our passion for Italian American culture shines through as we discuss our growing collection of memorabilia and the importance of immersing ourselves in these cultural experiences as well as tackling some Italian American debates.    In this episode we discuss the proper representation of the Italian American Barbie doll as well as why our studio was named “Red Sauce” and not “Red Gravy.”  We reminisce about the countless joyful hours spent personalizing our studio and the playful critique of dolls that sparked a fun conversation about cultural representation. Listen to our light-hearted discussions as we share the humorous struggles, family dynamics, and the quirky tastes that come with preserving our cultural heritage. We also delve into the pride of our heritage, from the dynamics between Italian diplomats and the community, to our creative journey in designing Italian American-themed apparel. With a nod to designers like Dolce & Gabbana and a sneak peek into our upcoming projects, this episode is a celebration of community spirit, cultural pride, and the joy of sharing our heritage with the world. The future of The Italian American Podcast is here at Mulberry and Grand St!   --- Support this podcast:

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