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IAP 310: Teach Your Kids Sicilian! With Special Guest Nick Panzarella

• 75 min

How many Italian Americans out there are working hard to try to pass the Italian language, or one of Italy’s countless Regional Languages, onto the next generation in their family?  What about those of us who are attempting to do it while learning one of these languages ourselves?  Raising your kids with Sicilian, Italian, Neapolitan, or Venetian might seem like an insurmountable task (especially while learning yourself) but this week’s guest is here to tell us that it can be done!  And, he’s done a TON of work to show us how! Nick Panzanella of the ‘Cademia Siciliana Foundation is a proud Sicilian American from Houston, TX who has made it his mission to not only learn Italian and Sicilian but to pass both languages along to his children!   Through his work with Sicilian institutions and his highly popular "Sicilian with Nick YouTube channel", this trailblazing Italo-Texan presented his incredible work to a standing ovation at our Second Annual Italian American Future Leaders Conference in South Florida, so we knew we had to give him the chance to speak to our audience around the world!   Learn the best tricks and tactics to impart your linguistic heritage to the future generations of your Italian American family, and give them the greatest gift of all! --- Support this podcast:

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