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IAP 308: Old School Genealogy is Analog and Awe Inspiring: a Conversation with Genealogist Maria Carparelli

• 55 min

In a world with an app for everything, and the ever-increasing presence of artificial intelligence, what happens when technology can’t answer our questions or solve our problems?   Sometimes it pays to remember how to do things the old-fashioned way! From raising kids without parenting books and bedtime routines to eating carbs and fats for a healthier lifestyle, we’re examining some of the forgotten strategies that were common just a generation ago.  And, because studies show raising children who know their genealogy makes for happier and healthier kids, we’re sitting down with genealogist Maria Carparelli of the Italian Genealogy Society of New Jersey to explore some long-lost methods of genealogical research to help the home genealogist breakthrough when technology can only take you so far! From accessing government records in person to understanding Italian naming traditions in the hunt for your ancestors, Maria is bringing us back to the pre-internet days to share strategies and secrets you won’t want to miss! --- Support this podcast:

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