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IAP 303: Severino D’Angelo’s Amazing American Dream on Paesani of Interest: Italian American Stories (Part 2)

• 56 min

Join us as we jump back into the incredible life story of Severino D’Angelo, a “Paesan of Interest” with a story in which determination and dedication meet some very good luck.   Leaving what he describes as a “Medieval Italy” Severino D’Angelo went on to discover his natural gifts in the American education system, have his life saved when he was drafted into the U.S. Army, and build a career as an engineer that led to dozens of patents and an incredible impact on the U.S. auto industry… all of which, he believes he owes to the American Dream. In this concluding half of a two-part episode, Severino shares how being drafted into the US Army during the Vietnam War actually saved his life, and allowed him to pursue higher education, through language barriers and learning disabilities, to become an engineer with so many patents… many of which we are still industry standard technology today.   We’ll discuss the amazing story of his chance meeting with a young American doctor who would become the love of his life, get to see what retirement looks like as a nearly 80-year-old marathon runner, and ultimately understand why after his amazing journey of immigration and transformation, he was drawn back to the Paese of his youth! It’s a heartwarming story of humility, happenstance, hard work, and the best of the Italian American Dream, and a story you won’t want to miss! --- Support this podcast:

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