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IAP299: “Italian American Gothic”- Dolores and P.O.B. on How to Homestead Italian American Style

• 55 min

Because this is the final episode of Italian American Heritage Month, we thought we’d gather the Famiglia and share the stories of the “Italian Heritage Heroes” who inspire each of us, except… we never quite got to that! When Dolores, Rossella, John, and Pat reunite in person and around the table for the first time in a long time, and 3/4 of the group decides to bring foodstuffs, it’s no surprise that our co-hosts get lost in the joy of homemade delicacies.  So when Dolores begins to explain the process behind her mother’s hand-foraged mushrooms under oil, the conversation quickly evolves into Dolores and P.O.B. chewing the fat about their favorite ways to “Homestead Italian American Style”.   While the butter-churning, home wheat-milling love fest leaves little for Ro and John to add, Dolores and Pat share how they have worked to blend traditions and technology in everything from bread making to homemade wine production, and their annual tomato jarring rituals.   And of course, this wouldn’t be the Italian American Podcast without a tangent or two, so get ready to hear all about Pat’s secret collection of vintage cigarette carousels, how his months-long project to reverse engineer the original taste of Italian America’s favorite espresso brand led to him almost burning down his garage, why a certain sect of Pugliese Americans were curing olives in Drano, and how Dolores doles out chicken coop duties when she and her family are out of town! Get ready to learn some techniques and tips on a laugh-filled trip to Red, White, and Green Acres, as we take you to the farm as only the Italian American Podcast can! --- Support this podcast:

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