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IAP 297: How We're Celebrating Italian American Heritage Month

• 69 min

Happy Italian American Heritage Month Paesani!!! We’re kicking off our favorite month of the year with a good old-fashioned “Power Hour” roundtable, with Rossella, Pat, and John catching up on how they’ve spent the first few weeks in a month filled with Italian American Pride! We’re discussing the galas, gatherings, and get-togethers that we’ve all been a part of… from the NYC Columbus Day Parade to Pat’s Malocchio-filled turn as the “Italian Man of the Year” at the Jersey City, NJ celebration! You’ll get insights into our favorite happenings, hilarious stories where everything that can go wrong does, and a deeper discussion about what these events, and this celebratory month, mean to differing generations of Italian Americans. If you are loving Italian American Heritage Month, and you can’t get enough of our “Live and Uncut” Power Hours, this is an episode that you will love from bell to bell! --- Support this podcast:

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