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IAP 292: Five Generations of Famiglia in Buffalo, NY

• 39 min

In our final LIVE and UNCUT recording from the National Convention of the Italian Sons and Daughters of America (ISDA), in #Pittsburgh PA, Pat, John, and Rossella sit down with some very special Paesani from Buffalo, NY. Danette Porto and Danielle Salasavage are a Nonna and Granddaughter team representing FIVE GENERATIONS of their Italian American Famiglia who’ve spent decades in service of the Buffalo-Niagra Falls Italian American Community. From leading the ISDA’s Western New York District to their work with the ‘Centro Culturale Italiano di Buffalo’, or their leadership at the Galbani® Italian Heritage Festival (started by Danette’s late husband) - this is a family who understands what it means to give back! We’ll discuss what the ISDA means to this family and their sense of Italian American identity, and examine the other incredible works they’ve undertaken for decades in their community. We’ll discover some of Buffalo’s most treasured Italian traditions (did you know the Bison City was a St Joseph’s Table hotbed?) and how their commitment to the community has grown their Famiglia.   We’ll discover how the family ended up so involved, and explore the very Italian concept of friends as family. Danielle will join us to discuss the challenges facing young Italian American community leaders, and share some of the lessons she’s learned since she was dropped into the role of ISDA District Vice President at the ripe old age of twenty-six! It’s an episode filled with the love, friendship, and sense of FAMIGLIA that you can only get when you dive head-first into Italian American life! --- Support this podcast:

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