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IAP 290: Live and Uncut From Pittsburgh, PA (Part 1)

• 49 min

Get ready for a throwback to the old “Italian American Power Hour” days, as you join four friends at the kitchen table for a breakneck conversation about something we all love… being Italian American! When Rossella, Pat, and John are brought together with some of their favorite out-of-town Paesani for the 46th Biennial National Convention of the Italian Sons and Daughters of America, in Pittsburgh PA, we knew the opportunity to hop on the mic and catch up was going to be a conversation you’d want to be a part of! We’re sharing some of our newest Italian American discoveries from here in the “Steel City,  looking at the feasts and festivals around the country still serving up rare Italian American delicacies, and examining our love of offal meats, and why it means something about the values we hold dear.  We somehow find our way into a debate on the differences between Sicilian and Neapolitan music, and remember the life of the late Italian pop icon Toto Cutugno, his definitive Italian American Anthem “L’Italiano” and examine what this song and Cutugno’s rise and fall from stardom can tell us about the Italy of our youths, the Italy of today, and where our vast Italian American diaspora fits between the two. It’s an episode recorded live, left raw, and filled with the fun and friendship you expect from the Italian American Podcast! --- Support this podcast:

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