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IAP 279: From Napoli to New York: An Italian American Perspective on Napoli's Historic Championship

• 57 min

In Italy, calcio (or the game we Americans call soccer) is life! And after thirty-three years in the making, the city of Napoli can finally lay claim to the title of Champions of Italy! In winning the “scudetto," with the best record in Italy’s famed Serie A, S.S.C. Napoli has sent fans throughout their city, Italy, and around the world into weeks-long revelries that have even made their way into our Italian American community! In this week’s episode, Louis Nicastro and Gaetano Solazzo of the Tri-State Napoli Club join us to discuss this historic event and why it is so important for fans of the sport, as well as for citizens of Naples, Southern Italy, and the vast Italian diaspora. Louis and Gaetano will give our listeners a primer on soccer in Italy, how it works, how it differs from American spectator sports, the way in which teams are placed in the various leagues, and how they earn championships. They’ll also examine the up-and-down history of S.S.C. Napoli and explain just how far ‘i Ciucciarelli’ (the Little Donkeys) had to come to win this year’s crown. We also discuss the legend of the late Diego Maradona and his saint-like status in Naples and how he brought Napoli to its last great victory in 1990, and what this team represents to residents of the city, Italy, and the world. If you are a hardcore fan of the Neapolitan side or someone who has never seen a moment of Italian soccer, we guarantee you’ll enjoy this fascinating and celebratory episode– and be sure to visit the Tri-State Napoli Club on Instagram and Twitter at @tri_napoliclub! --- Support this podcast:

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