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IAP 268: State Your Case: Why Italian America Needs State Commissions

• 54 min

When it comes to Italian American heritage, each one of the fifty nifty United States that make up our union has its own unique Italian American community and culture. Despite this, only two states—Delaware and New Jersey—have official, state-wide Italian American representation, guaranteeing our history and culture will be taught to current and future generations. This week’s guests, Robert DiBiase, the chairman of the New Jersey Italian Heritage Commission, and Rick DiLiberto, the chairman of the Delaware Commission on Italian Heritage and Culture, are here to tell us how their states were able to create these specially-legislated commissions and what that means for Italian Americans living in each of them. We’ll discover the critical ways each of these commissions works to represent and promote our heritage, and how each state’s uniquely rich Italian American cultures have become part of a larger state identity. We’ll also discuss how the future of Italian America across state lines, and why these bodies are inspiring, and assisting, imitators in states around the country… and how leaders in the 48 states without an Italian American heritage commission can work toward getting one of their own! Join us for this look at how two small but mighty states might just provide the key to preserving our heritage for years to come! This episode is sponsored by Mediaset Italia. --- Support this podcast:

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