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IAP 312: Unico National: A Century of Service Above Self

• 57 min

For just over 100 years, Unico National has been dedicated to the ideal of “Service Above Self”.  And, the nation’s largest Italian American service organization also happens to be the place where our very own Pat O’Boyle got his start in the Italian American community! That’s right… before he was the “Italian American Wikipedia” he was the Unico National Youth Chairman, and even after three decades the Notorious P.O.B. is still immensely proud of his Unican Roots!  So in this week’s episode, we’re joined by Cav. Ralph A. Contini, Unico’s National President, to discuss the organization’s proud history and bright future.  From its founding in Waterbury, CT in 1922 (when its founders were denied membership in the local Rotary Club because they were Italian) to its recent growth in many parts of the country, we’re exploring what makes the organization so “unique”, and why recent trends indicate a bright future for this and other Italian American groups! --- Support this podcast:

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