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IAP 313: Silk City Sonnets: Maria Mazziotti Gillan on Italian American Verse and Vitality

• 56 min

Join us for a heartfelt journey through the intricate landscape of cultural identity and generational heritage as we sit down with the esteemed Italian American Poet, Artist, and Professor Maria Mazzotti-Gillan. Listen in as Professor Gillan shares her evocative poetry and personal stories at the Poetry Center at Passaic County Community College, painting a vivid picture of the Italian immigrant's struggle to assimilate into American society. Together, we unpack the complex emotions tied to our ancestors' sacrifices, the shame and pride of our immigrant roots, and the delicate balance of preserving tradition while embracing a new national identity. Reflect on the meaning of the American Dream from an Italian American perspective as we embark on an exploration of the powerful influence that family, culture, and art have on our sense of self.  We uncover the strength found in balancing one's heritage with the pressures to assimilate, and how these dynamics shape our self-identification.  This episode is an invitation to become part of an ongoing conversation, ensuring that the rich cultural contributions of Italians are remembered, respected, and cherished for generations to come. --- Support this podcast:

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