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IAP 267: Marriage Italian Style: The Stuff No One Says About Italian Marriage

• 61 min

Happy Valentine’s Day, paesani!  We’re celebrating the "Day of Amore" with a somewhat unusual episode we hope you enjoy… and that perhaps some of you can even relate to! You see, we here at the Italian American Podcast really are one big famiglia.  The conversations we have on air are only the icing on the cake for a group of cumpari who spend an inordinate amount of time chatting, complaining, and dissecting life’s many vicissitudes with one another every week. So this week, Dolores and John have simply decided to “turn on the mic” for a recurring conversation they often find themselves in, and one that far too often goes unspoken in a world of lives curated for social media… a conversation about the ins-and-outs of  “Marriage Italian Style." As they often do, they’re exploring the many pleasures and pitfalls of married life and the extra complications that come with being party to an Italian American marriage.  They’ll examine what parts of their married lives are defined by the fact that they and their spouses are all Italian Americans, what marriage looks like when big, old-fashioned Italian American families are involved, and how they navigate between “old-fashioned” and “forward-thinking." They’ll share their takes on devotion, determination, and the highs and lows of AMORE! It’s a most intimate and unvarnished conversation that might be one you’ve been waiting for! --- Support this podcast:

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