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IAP 264: Frankie D. is Keepin' It Real in Chicago

• 54 min

When it comes to celebrating our Italian American culture, sometimes you need to capture every moment as it happens. Such is the case for this week’s guest, Frank Di Piero. Frank is the host of "Keepin’ It Real with Frankie D." at With more than 100 “Italian American Moments” to his credit, Frank believes in making our culture accessible to all. In this week’s episode, we sit down with one of the pioneers of Italian American podcasting as he shares his take on why learning our collective culture makes us better Italian Americans and why preserving it through any means possible is key to moving it toward the future. We'll explore how we can look to other ethnic communities for ideas on how to preserve our Italian culture and integrate it into our lives as Americans. Frank also talks about how his involvement in Chicago’s Italian American community shaped his existence, including the creation of two children’s books, “My BIG Family” and “Teddy Bianco Goes to Italy.” Join us as we meet a fellow podcaster who shares our determination to honor our past, promote our present, and create our collective future! --- Support this podcast:

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