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IAP 261: The First Family of Torrone

• 49 min

Close your eyes and try to rate it.  That crunchy, sticky, subtly sweet cloud of confection… The pillowy perfection known as torrone candy… Whether at the holiday table, a wedding or feast, or on the ball top at a summer feast, it’s a taste that every Italian American knows. This week’s guests are responsible for bringing that taste to paesani near and far, thanks to their unique way of marketing that old-world taste to new-world homes. Anne Marie and Tony Andriola are the founders and owners of, which was born out of the family’s feast-time concession business and developed into an online marketplace filled with treats that can’t be found anywhere else. To kick off 2023, Anne Marie and Tony tell us the story of their family business, from its founding in the 1980s to today. They also tell us about how they got involved with selling torrone, and why the treat has lived for so long in the collective memory of Italian American families. We’ll learn how to differentiate the types of torrone, including hard and soft, and explain what exactly goes into this unique nougat candy. We also talk about how digital media can help redefine the Italian American experience, from making the touchstones of our culture available to far-flung corners of the map to teaching the uninitiated the perfect way to crack a rock-hard torrone! Join us as we celebrate this distinctively Italian treat… it’s an episode so sweet that you’ll be begging for more! --- Support this podcast:

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