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IAP 260: Are You Part of the Struffoli Squad? With Special Guest Annie Petito of Cook's Illustrated

• 54 min

Are YOU part of the Struffoli Squad? These beloved Neapolitan confections, deep fried and coated in a sticky sweet sheen of freshly warmed honey, are often considered an essential part of an Italian American Christmas, but for this week’s guest, they’re special enough to earn the title of “show stopper." Annie Petito is one of the incredibly talented culinarians behind Cook’s Illustrated, perhaps the most highly-respected publication amongst America’s chefs.  When this proud Italian American got the chance to select the magazine’s annual “show stopper” Christmas dessert, she went back to her roots to share her family’s recipe for Christmas Struffoli. Of course, when you’re publishing in a journal as highly regarded as hers, you can’t simply pass along Nonna’s old notecards, so Annie set out to construct the most scientifically accurate recipe that’s ever been written for these humble little treats! In the process, she discovered their fascinating history goes back to ancient Greece! Since it’s almost time to say “Buon Natale," as Christmas is right around the corner and this is the final episode before the Feast of the Seven Fishes and Christmas arrive in earnest, we’re sitting down to discuss the history of Struffoli and some of our other beloved Italian American Christmas staples. And, thanks to a little sleuthing, we may just have discovered the exact moment when Italy’s meat-free Christmas Eve traditions coalesced into Italian America’s Feast of the Seven Fishes, and we’ll share the new findings that might finally allow Pat to accept this number-obsessed take on Italy’s La Vigilia! Join us as we explore these most cherished of traditions and set the mood for you and yours to enjoy a VERY BUON NATALE! --- Support this podcast:

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