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IAP 259: The Songs of Our Folks with Special Guest Michela Musolino Part 2

• 57 min

Music always plays an outsized role in getting us in the “Holiday Spirit," and this year, Christmas in Italian America will have a distinctly Sicilian sound thanks to one very devoted Sicilian American songstress. In this conclusion of our two-part episode with special guest Michela Musolino, we learn more about her new Christmas album, “La Notti Triunfanti”… The Triumphant Night!  Michela tells us how she packed up her most beloved Sicilian and Southern Italian Christmas songs and moved to Memphis, Tennessee to record this heartwarming collection with a team of talented Italian Americans in support. From traditional Sicilian Christmas sonnets infused with Beal Street swing to Neapolitan yuletide lullabies with rockabilly edge, Michela’s latest album seeks to join traditions from Sicily and Southern Italy to the rich musical culture of Memphis. Michela tells us about the inspirations for this album and how retelling timeless Christmas tales helps bridge cultural differences. We also dive deeper into the intersections between Sicilian folk music and Italian American folk music, and how this music is truly the expression of the Italian soul. Join us for this cheerful conclusion as we ring in Christmas… Sicilian style! --- Support this podcast:

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