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IAP 258: The Songs of Our Folks with Special Guest Michela Musolino, Part 1

• 48 min

For many of us, the music of the motherland and the songs that Italian Americans have contributed to the American soundtrack serve as a way to reconnect to our heritage.  But for this week’s guest, preserving and sharing that music isn’t just a passion; it’s a mission she has given her life to. Michela Musolino grew up in a household where Sicilian was spoken so that the children wouldn’t be able to understand adult conversations. By hearing her ancestral language, Michela became determined to join the conversations, eventually becoming enamored of traditional Italian folk music. In part one of this two-part episode, Michela tells us how her love for Sicilian folk music inspired her career as a singer, performer, educator, and advocate and how she seeks to present the music of her ancestral roots in new and dynamic ways to her contemporary audiences. We also learn how Sicilian folk music has inspired some of Italian America’s greatest music, including a deep dive into the history of a song many consider to be the “Italian American National Anthem,” “C’è la luna mezzo mare.” We’ll explore how the traditional folk music differs in various Italian regions and what these melodic heirlooms tell us that commercial music of the time cannot… the story of our ancestors… the regular people of a bygone Italy. Join us as we discover the sounds of Sicily, Italy, and Italian America with this very special artist! --- Support this podcast:

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