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IAP 253: An Alliance for Italian America with Special Guest Sabino Curcio of Growing Up Italian

• 62 min

Ciao Paesani… and Greetings from the corner of Mulberry and Grand Streets, at the heart of Manhattan’s Little Italy, and the future home of the Italian American Podcast! That’s right, we’re on location in the soon-to-be world-class headquarters for all things Italian American, and before we even break ground on building our dream home, we wanted to kick the tires on life at the heart of New York’s famed Italian Enclave! And, to kick things off right, we are taking the opportunity to sit down with one of our new partners, Sabino Curcio, one-third of the passionate trio behind Growing Up Italian , the insanely popular platform and podcast that needs no introduction. Sabino is joining Rossella and John in the construction site that will soon be transformed into a destination for all things Italian American to discuss our shared vision for this incredible place, what brought our two unique platforms together, and some of the things that unite us across Italian America. We’re presenting this week’s episode unedited and commercial-free, as both an introduction to our future home, and a chance to let down our hair, wave our tricolor flags, and celebrate the end of Italian American Heritage Month by looking to the future of our works… we hope you’ll be along for the ride, and come to see us in person in our new home!

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