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Creating a business with social impact with Jules Laidlaw from The Clay Society

• 33 min

Welcome to thelotco business podcast.  I am so excited to bring you this special guest today.  Jules Laidlaw from The Clay Society is making a big impact on the world of ceramics as well as helping support Aboriginal communities with her social impact and connections with The Remote Laundries.   You can listen to this podcast on your favourite app. As it mentions on her website over at The Clay Society they are Getting Their Hands Dirty For Purchase With Purpose. Positive social impact to Indigenous communities is the heart within our studio, and creates a strong purpose behind getting our hands dirty.  Each product sold supports cleaning washing to remote aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. Listen to todays episode to hear more about how Jules changed from a career in Nursing to  attending a ceramics class and now building a business that still allows her to make an impact and help others. Thank you for joining me her Jules. I hope you enjoy this episode. You can find out more about Jules and The Clay Society here and follow Jules and her journey on instagram at @the_clay_society.  As well as learn more or support The Remote Laundries. Thank you so much for listening to thelotco business podcast.  If you enjoyed this episode please make sure you subscribe to receive future episodes as they are released and I'd be so so grateful for a review on Apple podcast. You can find out more about thelotco at @thelotco or

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