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Pip from Jumbled Online talking Retail, Collaborations and the importance of evolving.

• 49 min

Today I am so super excited to welcome the bundle of energy that is Pip Brett from Jumbled Online!!! With over 20+ years of experience in everything fashion, business, retail, and now events and home building Pip continues to inspire , surprise and delight and keep everyone on their toes waiting to see what is coming next for Jumbled and the team.  Pip was kind enough to share with us some helpful hints and tips on those in Retail or with their own brand. She talks about what is important right now if you are starting out, ways to keep your business evolving, the importance of joy and what is next for Jumbled. Pip from Jumbled Online shares with me some great tips for anyone starting out in business or those looking to explore their passion.  You can find Pip and her gorgeous team  here on Instagram or check out their gorgeous range of amazing brands, collaborations and artists  here on her website.  Thank you so much for listening to thelotco business podcast.  If you enjoyed this episode please make sure you subscribe to receive future episodes as they are released and I'd be so so grateful for a review on Apple podcast. You can find out more about thelotco at @thelotco or I'm Mel Robbins! from @thelotco Register for my FREE webinar here And if you want a Roadmap to Building a Profitable Product Business head here for directions! Find more details at Business Coach for product-based businesses. Teaching creative business women how to build a scalable and profitable million-dollar product business. Over 25 years in Retail and Wholesale Sales and Marketing. Grab my 8 step checklist on building a profitable product business.

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