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6: Five robo-advisors to get started investing

• 30 min

Robo-advisors - I’m sure you’ve heard of them by now, and how they’re supposedly disrupting the investment game, but if you haven’t, this episode should clear up some of the smoke and point you in the right direction when it comes to picking one and getting started! / Nutmeg: / Moneyfarm: (use referral code: MF087364 to save on fees) / Wealthify: (search for the THY DAILY EDGE circle to save on fees) / Scalable Capital: / Wealthsimple: / Oval: (use referral code: DED9EMQU to save on fees) / Moneybox: / If you liked this episode, David also writes an intellectually stimulating newsletter full of dry humour and useful resources at: / Keep the conversation going on Twitter at @Legendofbaba using the hashtag #TheKnowledge Support this podcast at —

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