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95. The Power of Pivoting with Jenny Blake

• 39 min

David speaks with Jenny Blake, an international keynote speaker and author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One, winner of the Axiom Best Business Books award in the careers category. She hosts two podcasts with over one million downloads combined: Free Time for heart-based business owners, and Pivot with Jenny Blake for navigating change. They talked about: πŸš€ Jenny Blake’s early career experiences βš–οΈ How to manage competing interests πŸ“± How social media shapes perspectives 🌟 Career fulfillment beyond mere results 🎲 The power of taking risks πŸ—οΈ Self-discovery through pivoting πŸ“œ Full πŸ“Ή Watch on Youtube: πŸ‘€ Connect with Jenny:Twitter: @jenny_blake | Instagram: @jennyblakenyc | Website: Pivot | Podcast: Pivot with Jenny Blake | Books: Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One | Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business | πŸ—£ Mentioned in the show:Google | Medill School of Journalism | University of California | Daily Bruin | Palo Alto Networks | Career Guru | Parkinson's Law | Andrew Wilkinson | Shane Parrish | Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life by Luke Burgis | The Kardashians | Suits | Kentucky Derby | The Legend of Success | Battle of Thermopylae | Steph Smith | Andreessen Horowitz | πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ’» About David Elikwu: David Elikwu FRSA is a serial entrepreneur, strategist, and writer. David is the founder of The Knowledge, a platform helping people think deeper and work smarter. 🐣 Twitter: @Delikwu / @itstheknowledge 🌐 Website: πŸ“½οΈ Youtube: πŸ“Έ Instagram: πŸ•Ί TikTok: πŸŽ™οΈ Podcast: πŸ“– Free Book: My Online Course πŸ–₯️ Decision Hacker: Decision Hacker will help you hack your default patterns and become an intentional architect of your life. You’ll learn everything you need to transform your decisions, your habits, and your outcomes. The Knowledge πŸ“© Newsletter: The Knowledge is a weekly newsletter for people who want to get more out of life. It's full of insights from psychology, philosophy, productivity, and business, all designed to make you more productive, creative, and decisive. My Favorite Tools 🎞️ Descript: πŸ“¨ Convertkit: πŸ”° NordVPN: πŸ’Ή Nutmeg: 🎧 Audible: Support this podcast at β€”

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