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93. Wealth, Investing, and Personal Finance with Rob Dix

• 34 min

David speaks with Rob Dix, a co-founder of Property Hub. Rob is a co-host of The Property Podcast, which is one of the biggest business podcasts in the UK, and the author of 3 popular books about property and investing including The Price of Money which was a Sunday Times Bestseller. They talked about: πŸ“ˆ The secrets of wise investing πŸ“Š Investing in stocks πŸ’Ό Choosing the right investments πŸ’° Role of gold and bitcoin in wealth preservation πŸ’Έ Earning more over saving more πŸ“ Importance of financial discipline This is just one part of a longer conversation, and it's the second part. You can listen to the earlier episode here: Part 1: πŸŽ™οΈThe Price of Money with Rob Dix (Episode 89) πŸ“œFull transcript: πŸ“Ή Watch on Youtube: πŸ‘€ Connect withΒ Rob:Twitter: @robdix | LinkedIn: How To Be A Landlord | The Complete Guide to Property Investment | The Price of Money | Website: πŸ—£ Mentioned in the show:Equity Investment | Cryptocurrency | Bitcoin | Adidas | Kanye West | Yeezy | Vanguard | FTSE 100 | Rich Dad Poor Dad | Die With Zero | Charles Munger | πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ’» About David Elikwu: David Elikwu FRSA is a serial entrepreneur, strategist, and writer. David is the founder of The Knowledge, a platform helping people think deeper and work smarter. 🐣 Twitter: @Delikwu / @itstheknowledge 🌐 Website: πŸ“½οΈ Youtube: πŸ“Έ Instagram: πŸ•Ί TikTok: πŸŽ™οΈ Podcast: πŸ“– EBook: My Online Course πŸ–₯️ Career Hyperdrive: Career Hyperdrive is a live, cohort-based course that helps people find their competitive advantage, gain clarity around their goals, and build a future-proof set of mental frameworks so they can live an extraordinary life doing work they love. The Knowledge πŸ“© Newsletter: The Knowledge is a weekly newsletter for people who want to get more out of life. It's full of insights from psychology, philosophy, productivity, and business, all designed to help you think deeper and work smarter. My Favorite Tools 🎞️ Descript: πŸ“¨ Convertkit: πŸ”° NordVPN: πŸ’Ή Nutmeg: 🎧 Audible: Support this podcast at β€”

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