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36: Breaking down the cult of leadership with Bob Gower

• 60 min

David Elikwu speaks with Bob Gower, an author, speaker, and consultant, who cares deeply about creating organizations that are a net positive for the world. Bob Gower assists leaders in aligning their teams on all levels in order to achieve optimal performance. He is the author of two books, Agile Business: A Leader's Guide to Harnessing Complexity and Radical Alignment: How to Have Game-Changing Conversations to Transform Your Business and Life, as well as a former contributor to the Huffington Post and Inc. Full transcript: 🎙 Listen to your favourite podcast player Connect with Bob Gower: Twitter: @gower_bob Books: Radical Alignment Website: Show notes: Let's dig into the background as a whole [2:31] The Hypocrisy of Prosperity gospel [5:03] Daniel Kahneman writer of Thinking Fast and Slow [13:16] The quality of the question rather than the quality of the answer [21:57] Emotional Agility by Susan David [26:00] How do groups of people come together to do things [28:13] On our own as individual humans, we're actually so useless [31:09] The social conquest of earth by EO Wilson [34:59] Great leaders, charismatic but do seem to be jerks [40:01] What made Job’s a great leader [41:29] The cults of Silicon Valley [48:55] When people use the meaning and significance [49:39] Most valuable piece a leader to have [54:25] Mentioned in the show: Pentecostal Christianity Zen Buddhism Daniel Kahneman Escape from Freedom Ernest Becker Eric Fromm Emotional Agility Descartes' Error Denial of death Social Conquest of Earth EO Wilson Radical Alignment Antonio Demasio Susan David Steve Jobs Elon Musk Larry Ellison Elizabeth Holmes Theranos Maslow’s Hierarchy Adam Newman WeWork Kim Scott Just Work About David Elikwu: David Elikwu FRSA is a serial entrepreneur, strategist and writer. David is the founder of The Knowledge, a platform helping people learn more and live better. * Twitter: @Delikwu / @itstheknowledge * Newsletter: * Website: * Podcast: 🚀 Career Hyperdrive David runs a course which will help you build a toolkit of mental models and bulletproof core skills that will drastically shorten the growth curve for your career, business or personal brand. Join the next cohort to take control of your path, build future-proof skills, and design a career you can be proud of. 🧭 The Knowledge As a writer and serial entrepreneur, David Elikwu speaks with elite performers from a variety of backgrounds, unpacking everything there is to know about navigating the world around us. This podcast is a catalogue of excellent data points. Join us each week for actionable insights to make sense of what matters most. The Knowledge is a curated digest of the world's best ideas, drawing on insights from psychology, philosophy, business and culture. We explore tools, frameworks and stories that will help you navigate with clarity and cut through the noise. Website: Podcast: Support this podcast at —

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