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56. Self-actualisation and Slow living with Kyle Kowalski

• 100 min

David speaks with Kyle Kowalski, a thoughtful entrepreneur, adult learner, and proponent of slow living. Kyle describes himself as a synthesiser and solopreneur so we got to unpack what that means. This was a very introspective episode. They talked about: The philosophy of slow living and how it can influence our ambitions and choicesSome of the lessons he learned from going through a personal crisisThe importance of finding purpose and of cultivating a spirit of lifelong learningChallenging life assumptions, prioritizing needs and wants, and structuring time and work for personal growth📜Full transcript: 📹 Watch on Youtube 👤 Connect with Kyle:Twitter: @KyKow eBook: Ikigai 2.0 | Website: | 🗣 Mentioned in the show:How to Live on 24 Hours a Day | Lottery of Birth | Paul Millerd | The Pathless Path | Ramana Maharshi | Self-inquiry | René Girard |é_Girard Theory of mimetic desire | Mortimer J. Adler | How to Read a Book | Suzanne Cook Reuter | Ego Development Theory | Ken Wilber | Abraham Maslow | Hierarchy of Needs |'s_hierarchy_of_needs Robert Kegan | Theory of Adult Development | Joseph Campbell | Hero's Journey |'s_journey Transformative Learning | Disorienting dilemma |,Disorienting Creating Freedom | Raoul Martinez | Charles C. Mann | The Wizard and the Prophet | Robert Sapolsky | Behave | Dan Buttner | Maria Popova | Jacob Lund Fisker | Early Retirement Extreme | Vicki Robin | Your Money or Your Life | Essentialism | Greg McKeown | One Thing | Gary W. Keller | Jay Papasan | Four Thousand Weeks | Oliver Burkeman | Joshua Becker | Ramit Sethi | I Will Teach You to Be Rich | Daniel Kahneman | The Psychology of Money | Morgan Housel | Alan Watts | Naval Ravikant | Read What You Love Until You Love to Read | Michael Alan Singer | The Surrender Experiment | Living Untethered | http

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