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94. Leading with Purpose with Ryan Hawk

• 37 min

David speaks with Ryan Hawk, the host of “The Learning Leader Show,” renowned as one of the most dynamic leadership podcasts available. Ryan is also the author of several highly acclaimed books on management, leadership, and excellence, including “Welcome to Management,” which Forbes hailed as one of the best leadership books of 2020. They talked about: 🤝 Empathy over criticism 👥 The qualities of exceptional team leaders 💪 Building confidence through trust and empowerment 🔍 Mentorship and self-discovery 🤲 Embracing generosity and servant leadership 🌱 Building meaningful mentorships 👨‍👧‍👦 Unconventional lessons as an interviewer and a father This is just one part of a longer conversation, and it's the second part. You can listen to the earlier episode here: Part 1: 🎙️ The Pursuit of Excellence with Ryan Hawk (Episode 89) 📜Full 📹 Watch on Youtube: 👤 Connect with Ryan:Twitter: @RyanHawk12 | Website: The Learning Leader Show | Books: Welcome to Management | The Score That Matters | The Pursuit of Excellence | 🗣 Mentioned in the show:LexisNexis | Mayer Brown | Thomson Reuters Westlaw | Ted Lasso | Brooke Cupps | Indiana University | NFL | Andy Reid | Brent Scher | Robert Greene | Foxhole friends | Keith Hawk | Charlie Munger | Steve Jobs | Todd Henry | 👨🏾‍💻 About David Elikwu: David Elikwu FRSA is a serial entrepreneur, strategist, and writer. David is the founder of The Knowledge, a platform helping people think deeper and work smarter. 🐣 Twitter: @Delikwu / @itstheknowledge 🌐 Website: 📽️ Youtube: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🎙️ Podcast: 📖 Free Book: My Online Course 🖥️ Decision Hacker: Decision Hacker will help you hack your default patterns and become an intentional architect of your life. You’ll learn everything you need to transform your decisions, your habits, and your outcomes. The Knowledge 📩 Newsletter: The Knowledge is a weekly newsletter for people who want to get more out of life. It's full of insights from psychology, philosophy, productivity, and business, all designed to make you more productive, creative, and decisive. My Favorite Tools 🎞️ Descript: 📨 Convertkit: 🔰 NordVPN: 💹 Nutmeg: 🎧 Audible: Support this podcast at —

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