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ScreamQueenz: Where Horror Gets GAY!

Patrick K. Walsh



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"I'm not breaking my edge for your European t!tty movie..." -PORNO (2019)

• 114 min

Three young Evangelical movie users find a strange unmarked roll of film in the theater's basement. Thinking it might be porn, they screen the movie and accidentally unleash a bloodthirsty succubus. But in order to survive, they must not only conquer the demon they released but also the demons they hide within themselves. Despite the provocative title, PORNO (2019) isn't really about explicit nudity, sex and exploitation. At its core, it's a surprisingly thoughtful morality play about faith and what happens when that faith is put to the ultimate test. In order to properly peruse the rich story hiding under all the blood and boobs, I needed two extra guests: filmmaker and beard magician OSO EWERT and Pastor Fabulous himself BEN FITZGERALD-FYE Make your beard look fabulous with products for OSO SCRUFFY PORNO was directed by KEOLA RACELA, written by MATT BLACK & LAURENCE VANNICELLI and stars EVAN DAVES, LARRY SAPERSTEIN, GLENN STOTT, JILLIAN MUELLER, ROBBIE TANN, KATELYN PEARCE, BILL PHILLIPS & PETER REZINKOFF

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