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IAP 269: Why Genealogy Is a Noble Pursuit with Special Guest Bob Sorrentino

• 59 min

Have you ever wondered if your family tree might include a famous name amongst its many branches?  A celebrated figure…a Duke, a King… perhaps even a Pope? This week’s guest stumbled upon a “who’s who” of Italian nobility when he began researching his family history nearly 20 years ago, and now he’s dedicated his life to helping his fellow Italian Americans in their quest to discover their ancestors… from the famed to the famous! Bob Sorrentino is the founder of the Italian Genealogy Blog and Podcast, as well as the author of "Farmers and Nobles," a genealogical history of two diverse branches of his Italian American Family Tree. After retiring from his career as a banker, his growing obsession with genealogical research inspired him to create a blog, podcast, and Facebook group to promote the research of Italian ancestry and to connect other family historians seeking answers to their own genealogical mysteries. Bob tells us about why creating connections among other genealogical researchers is important and how family ties can be discovered in the most unusual of places. He also tells us about how he learned of his noble descent and why this lofty heritage might not be as rare as one would expect. Bob also shares the inspiration behind “Farmers and Nobles” and some of the amazing “could be a movie” stories he’s experienced on his quest to reveal family histories to as many Italian Americans as possible. Fancy yourself a genealogical sleuth? Always felt you had a natural nobility? If so, be sure to join us for this week’s fascinating episode! This episode is sponsored by Mediaset Italia. --- Support this podcast:

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