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897 Heirs of God Part 5 The Spirit Bears Witness - Romans 8:16

• 5 min

Have you ever been a witness in a trial?   The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. Romans 8:16 ESV   I've never had to be a witness in a trial. I have been asked to talk about things I've experienced before. I often share about what I've been through so I can help others avoid the misery of many of my mistakes.   The image of this verse is about how the Spirit shows up and speaks for us. He tells others we're his. And he tells us that we're his possession, too. He stands up for us. And he's not shy.   I did a podcast (Episode 62 How the Holy Spirit Testifies for Us) about this passage and I talked about how the Holy Spirit even tells others about our faith if we're living in obedience to him. If you're not being used by God in the lives of others, you might check out that episode.   As we obey God and do what the Holy Spirit prompts us to do, he uses us in the lives of others. And he points others toward God because of our obedience. He's confirming for others, both those who follow Jesus and those who do not, that we are his children and his heirs.   Today, you're free to live serving others simply because you trust Jesus. Whatever your circumstances are, ask God to give you an idea of something you can do and he will put you to work. And the Holy Spirit will tell others that you're a child of God. Why not try it out. If you get a list of several things you can't really do, that's not God. He's not reminding you of a bunch of things to make you feel guilty. He will quietly tell you about something you can do. Do it.   Thanks for being a marketplace minister. Consider joining our online community at, too!

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